Lukas Klement by Fabian Holoubek 2020
by Fabian Holoubek 2020


Lukas Klement is a producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Vienna. He decided to become a musician at a very young age, having already learnt piano, drums and guitar for several years. After school, he’d spend every free minute practicing his instruments, soon playing concerts weekend after weekend. When he had finished school, he moved to Vienna to study Jazz and Improvised Music. On weekends, he played shows all over Europe as a live drummer in numerous bands and constellations. In between, bands would often invite him to their studios to record drums and percussions. Soon, Lukas realized: „I want to spend more time in the studio than on stage“ and started to set up his own studio. During a three-week stay in Zanzibar for an album recording he understood that he could contribute more to the creative process than just playing the drums, that songwriting and production were equally fascinating to him.

At the beginning of 2020, Lukas found himself about to dive head-first into a tour season of around a hundred concerts and festivals as a drummer – when at the same time, he would have loved to spend more time in the studio to work on songs. Then, of course, everything turned out differently. In the first lockdown, he spent three months in his new studio, from dawn to dusk, every day, until at some point it was clear to him: “I’m a producer now, I want to write songs, produce tracks.”

Until today, his approach to production has remained that of a true musician: he prefers to be involved in the creative process right from the start, writing songs together with other musicians instead of just finalizing and polishing demos. Genres are of no concern to him, what matters is that the process is fun and that he can identify with the people behind the music. For Lukas, getting to know each other and finding a similar approach, not just to music but to life in general, is a prerequisite for a successful session in the studio. He prefers to work with musicians for longer periods of time, helping them find and develop their own sound, always experimenting to create something new and exciting.

Lukas has co-written and produced music with and for Conchita Wurst, Yukno, adaolisa, Joe Traxler, Nnoa, palffi and many more. As a drummer and guitar player, he has played with bands and artists including Mathea, Julian Le Play, Florence Arman and AVEC.


Produced or Written



Selected Live Highlights

Falco – Das Musical // Tour 
Donauinselfest Wien
Mathea // M1 Tour
LEA // Zwischen Meinen Zeilen Tour (Support w/ Mathea) 
Sting // Burg Clam (Support w/ AVEC)
James Bay // Arena Wien (Support w/ Mathea)
Ö3 & Redbull Konzerspektakel 
MS Dockville Festival 
Zermatt Unplugged 
Popfest Wien 
Eurosonic Festival
Fete de la Musique Dudelange
AVEC // Heaven/Hell Tour
The Great Escape Festival Brighton
Fusion Festival 
Eufònic Festival Barcelona
Westway Lab Festival Guimarães
2017 & before
Zucchero // Burg Clam (Support w/ AVEC)
EDP Vilar De Mouros Festival Portugal
AVEC // What If We Never Fortget Tour
Sziget Festival Budapest
Julian le Play // Zugvögel Tour (Support w/ AVEC) 

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